Hello, my name is Alfredo

With years of experience in the tech industry, I have built a diverse skillset that allows me to take on any technical challenge.

As a systems engineer, I specialize in building infrastructure as code and integrating systems. I have also worked in various roles such as system administrator, lead DevOps engineer, software developer, network administrator and problem solver. My experience has given me a deep understanding of the complexities of the tech industry and the ability to navigate them with ease.

Originally from Peru, I received my bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering. Before moving to the US in 2003, I already had experience working as a Unix/Linux systems and network administrator. In 2006, I started working with automation using Perl, and in 2010, I began working with configuration management using Puppet, transitioning completely to DevOps by 2013 when I moved to California to work for VMware.

In 2015, I took a job as a lead DevOps engineer, focusing on AWS, Python, and containers. In 2018, I designed and implemented a full-stack application utilizing serverless AWS Amplify, Python, and Node.js.

In 2022, I moved back to the East Coast and continue to look for new challenges. My new interest is in AI, and I have been training myself on data science. I have worked in different industries, such as healthcare, advertising, finance, and high-tech virtualization. I have been a system administrator, a lead DevOps engineer, a software developer, a network administrator, and a problem solver.

Currently, I am working on serverless and edge runtime development projects.